It all began in the basement of an abandoned building, back in 1954.

That was where, and when, a group of very enthusiastic local residents established the Township Library of Lower Southampton.  They only had a budget of $100, but that was enough to get started.  soon people were donating books, volunteering their time, and gathering up collections from interested neighbors.

It was a small beginning, but it was to mark a pattern of community support for the library that continues to this day.  By the end of its first year, thanks to the support of its neighbors, the little library was able to be open eight hours a week and could boast a total circulation of 5,533 books and periodicals.

Today, with continuing contributions from residents, and the support of the Township Administration, the Township Library of Lower Southampton has grown into a multi-media resource providing online access, community programs and an expansive range of reading, viewing and learning materials for the more than 19,000 residents who call Lower Southampton home.

Over the years, times and technology have changed.  However, one thing that has remained consistent is the mutually beneficial relationship between the library and the people it serves.  Just as the library has been there for its neighbors, its neighbors have always been there for the library.

Now we’re asking you to help keep the Township Library of Lower Southampton growing, and thriving, and doing everything it can to support the people of this very special part of Bucks County.

Please give to the Township Library of Lower Southampton Support Fund.

Back in 1954, a small group of people saw the bright future a Free Library could bring to this area.  Sixty-five years later, you have the opportunity to demonstrate the same kind of vision and promise for tomorrow.

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