What do I do if my mailbox was damaged from a plow truck during a snow event?

First thing is to contact Lower Southampton Township Administration Office via email at administration@lstwp.org within 48 hours after the snow event is over.

Following notification, the Public Works Director will do an inspection of the mailbox to determine if the mailbox came in direct contact with a Township plow truck.  Do not discard the damaged mailbox before an inspection is done.

If it is determined at this time that a Township/Contractor plow truck came in contact with your mailbox causing damage, then reimbursement will be processed.

Reasons that your mailbox would not qualify for reimbursement:

  • Placement or location of the mailbox does not meet the United States Postal Service guidelines (which are posted on this website).
  • Damaged, rusted or rotted post/support arm.
  • Leaning over the curb line into the drive lane.
  • Damaged mailbox was discarded prior to inspection.
  • Damaged from thrown or heavy snow accumulated during a winter event.
  • If it is determined that contact with a Township plow did not occur.

The Township will reimburse $75.00 for the mailbox and $25.00 for the post.