Important Information Regarding Permits and Inspections

Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, the Township Building is closed to public access. During this difficult time The Permits and Zoning Department will still be able to assist you with permits. The necessary application forms are available to download from the Township web site.   Completed applications can be mailed to the Township, dropped off at the drop box located at the Township building or e-mailed. Applications that are e-mailed will be added to the system and will be finalized when payment is made.

Once a permit is submitted, our staff will calculate the permit amount and notify you. Payment can be made by dropping off a check in the drop box or by US mail.  If you wish to make payment via a credit card, that can be completed by phone. Please notify the permit office if that is your intention and arrangements will be made for us to contact you directly to complete that transaction. Completed Building Permits and Use and Occupancy certificates will be e-mail or sent via us mail.  They may not be picked up at the Township Building.


Due to health concerns, Inspections made during this time period will be limited. Permits for new residential and commercial construction will be made only if no workers are present in the area where the inspections are taking place.  Use and occupancy inspections will only be conducted in empty buildings with no one present and empty of personal possessions.

Violation Complaints and Code Enforcement

Concerns of property maintenance, building, zoning code or other permit related issues may be submitted to the Township via e-mail.   Complaints will be investigated based on staff availability and appropriate action will be taken if needed.  Please contact Kim DeFrancesco at

Land Development and Zoning Issues

Questions regarding Land Development, Zoning Variances and other Zoning related matters may be directed to the Zoning Officer Jeff Bartlett via e-mail.