There is still a large volume of yard waste this time of year due to leaves that residents are putting out. Given this, JP Mascaro does not want to fall behind this week on yard waste collection even though Thursday is Thanksgiving. JP Mascaro will be sending crews into the Township on Thursday to begin collecting yard waste. Please put yard waste out for Thursday as you normally do.

Also, these have been challenging times for our industry and our company during the COVID pandemic. Between the extremely high volumes of waste and recyclables each week and, more recently, members of our key managerial team out for two weeks not to mention the drivers and helpers who have had to quarantine over the past six months, we have not been able to provide you the service you have come to expect from our company. It is certainly not due to a lack of an effort but just the reality that exists in the current COVID environment. As a result, while our contract provides that the yard waste collections in Lower Southampton Township to stop on December 15th, we have agreed to continue to provide yard waste collections in your Township through the end of the year. So, instead of the last yard waste collection occurring on Thursday, December 17th, we will continue to provide yard waste collections through Thursday, December 31st.

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