Letter to PECO Customers

Dear Valued Customer,Exelon Corporation, the parent company of PECO, has announced plans to separate its power generation business and utility business into two publicly traded companies, each with the resources necessary to best serve customers and sustain long-term investment and operating excellence.

We want our customers to know that while the structure of our business is changing, PECO’s commitment to safety, reliability, clean energy, affordability and community support will not. Over the next several months, we will begin a transition process while ensuring a seamless customer experience for you.

This change will not disrupt or affect energy service, programs or policies in any way and you do not need to take any action. Most importantly, PECO will maintain our commitment to powering communities with clean and reliable energy, with a continued focus on environmental sustainability and affordable rates.

We will continue to provide the customer experience you have come to expect from PECO now and well into the future.

Thank you for being a valued PECO customer

Notice for Verizon Fios Customers

Verizon Fios notified the Township today that they will be changing the pricing for their various Fios TV packages.  On or after May 1, 2021, the base rate for Mix and Match Fios TV packages will increase by $6 per month.  This increase helps cover a portion of the escalating annual costs many of the network providers charge to Verizon for their programming.


Mix & Match Fios TV Packages Current Rate Increased Rate
Your Fios TV $50 $56
More Fios TV $70 $76
The Most Fios TV $90 $96
Mundo $70 $76
Mundo Total $90 $96


Click HERE to view the Verizon Fios Customer Notice