Lower Southampton Township Parks & Recreation is disappointed to announce the cancellation of our 2020 Summer Camps due to the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes our camps at Dolphin Swim Club, Ferderbar Elementary, and Russell Elliott Memorial Park. This decision was not easy but our top priority is the safety of all campers and staff. Everyone registered will receive a full refund for the amount paid. Refunds will be issued within a few weeks.

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9 Week Summer Camp Program

Resident: $888 per camper – Resident rate applies to Lower Southampton Township residents ONLY.

Non-Resident: $1,164 per camper

Payment Plan is available:

Resident: $222 Initial Payment and $222 per month for 3 months

Non-Resident: $291.00 Initial Payment and $291.00 per month for 3 months

  • PIONEER ages: 3-5 years old Pre-K


    Russell Elliott Memorial Park
    150 Buck Road
    Feasterville, PA 19053

  • DISCOVERY: ages 5-12 years old


    Dolphin Swim Club (ages 7-12)
    260 W. Bristol Road
    Feasterville, PA 19053

    – OR –

    Ferderbar School (ages 5-12)
    300 Heights Lane
    Feasterville, PA 19053

  • TEEN: ages 13-16 years old


    Dolphin Swim Club
    260 W. Bristol Road
    Feasterville, PA 19053

  • COUNSELOR IN TRAINING (CIT): ages 13 + years old


    Dolphin Swim Club
    260 W. Bristol Road
    Feasterville, PA 19053

    – OR –

    Ferderbar School
    300 Heights Lane
    Feasterville, PA 19053

    About our CIT Program….

    The CIT program introduces leadership minded teenagers to the daily activities  of what it is like to be a camp counselor. They will be assigned to a group of campers. They will follow this group throughout the day, while assisting the counselors who are also assigned to that group. The CIT’S assist the campers in the daily fun filled schedule of games, sports, swimming and crafts. They will eat with and assist the campers with their snack and lunch times.

    As a member of the CIT program, you will be encouraged to go on all of the trips that the campers will be taking and assist the counselors.  Some of these trips include going to the Philadelphia Zoo, the Neshaminy Mall Movie Theatre, as well as others.

    Any teenager who is willing to learn and become more responsible is welcomed to join our fun and structured summer  program focused on team-building and character development.  There are a lot of rewards andgratification with learning how to be a counselor. There will beweekly meeting by the Director, reinforcing the skills, training and addressing any needs. Upon completion from the program, the CIT will be recognized with a certificate.  CIT’s who are the appropriate age are considered for employment.

    Why be a CIT?

    – To gain experience for future jobs and college resumes.

    – To gain valuable hours that looks great on job applications.

    – To make new friends and become part of the Camp family.

    – To learn what it means to be a leader and a follower.

    – To spend their day working hard and playing hard.

    – To change a life this summer!



    When: Monday through Friday, beginning Monday, June 17th – August 16th from 8:00am-5:15pm (extended week will be announced)

    Groups: (All camps located in Feasterville, PA 19053)

    Pioneer Camp (Ages 3-5 in Pre-K) @ Russell Elliott Memorial Park, 150 Buck Road

    Discovery Camp: (Ages 5-12 only) @ Ferderbar Elementary, 300 Heights Lane

    Ferderbar Location (Ages 5-12 only) @ Ferderbar Elementary, 300 Heights Lane

    Dolphin Location (Ages 7-12 only) @ Dolphin Swim Club, 260 W. Bristol Road

    Teen Camp (Ages 13+ NO EXCEPTIONS) @ Dolphin Swim Club, 260 W. Bristol Road

    C.I.T. Program (Ages 13+) @ either Ferderbar or Dolphin (picked upon initial registration)

    Important Dates: There will be no camp on Thursday, July 4th.

    Illness: Lower Southampton Township cannot provide care for sick children. Please do not send your child to camp if s/he feels ill. We ask that you keep your child home if the following symptoms occur:

    • Fever within 24 hours
    • Vomiting, Diarrhea
    • Contagious or Unidentifiable Rashes
    • Congestion with Sneezing, Nasal Drainage and Coughing
    • Ear, Eye, Throat Infections-Unless on Antibiotics for 24 hours
    • Nits and/or Head Lice

    We are concerned about the health and welfare of each child. In the event that s/he becomes ill or injured, you will be contacted immediately and required to pick up your child as soon as possible. Please be sure information on the Emergency Form is completed, accurate, and up to date. It is not necessary to notify camp directors of your child’s absence unless s/he will be out 3 days or more.

    Safety: You will be provided with only two pick up cards for each parent/guardian. If someone else is picking up your child, you must provide them with your card. No child will be released without a pick up card so please keep these cards in your car or a safe place. If no one with a pick up pass is available to pick up your child(ren), please call the office at 215-357-7300 x340 to make alternate arrangements.

    Policy on Behavior: Please refer to registration packet discipline policy for additional information

    Visitors: To protect the safety of all campers, Lower Southampton Township Camp will not permit visitors at all during camp hours. All employees receive Child Abuse Clearance and a Criminal Background Check prior to employment.

    Drop Off/Pick Up Policies: We have scheduled drop off between 8am and 9am. If dropping off after 9am, please make sure your child gets to their assigned group wherever it is located at the camp facility. Pick up is scheduled between 4pm and 5:15pm. If you’d like to pick up your child earlier than 4, please notify their counselor so s/he can be ready at the appropriate time. Late pick up incurs a $20 fee for each 15 minute period after 5:15; this fee should be paid directly to the counselor waiting with your child. Pick up and drop off occurs at the locations indicated on the maps below at Dolphin and Ferderbar locations. Russell Elliott drop off and pick up occurs at the only building in the park.

    Release of children: Any individual to whom children may be dismissed must be given the pick up cards by the parent. Campers will be released only to those individuals who carry pick up cards for those children. If for any reason someone will pick up a child without a pick up card, the guardian must notify the Parks and Recreation office at 215-357-7300 x340, which will then verify identity and notify the camp director.

    What to wear to camp: Comfortable lightweight clothing with a bathing suit underneath, sunscreen, and closed-toe shoes daily. Sunscreen must be applied before arriving to camp (reapplication is scheduled at regular intervals throughout the day). All items should be labeled with your child’s name. Be sure to submit the sunscreen permission slip with your registration packet so your child is protected from the sun. Please be sure the sunscreen has been tested on your child at home several times before using it for camp. Campers should arrive to camp with their bathing suits on as there are no dressing rooms.

    Lunch/Snack:  Campers who are attending our Discovery Camp located at the Joseph Ferderbar location or our Pioneer Camp located at Russell Elliot Memorial Park will need to bring snacks, lunch (no refrigeration provided), and water bottles. We encourage campers not to share their food with other campers due to food allergies. It is also important to bring enough water daily and to avoid bringing soda or juice, which attract bees and insects.  *Ice Packs and freezer bags are suggested for keeping lunches cold*

    Personal Items: All personal items must be labeled with your child’s name on it and kept in his/her bag. Lower Southampton Township will not be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. It is best to keep electronics, toys, and other valuable items at home.

    Lost and Found: All items found on the playground or in the building are placed outside the office where they are stored. Eyeglasses, lost money, or jewelry is given to the site director. Please have your child check the lost and found containers if s/he has lost anything.  You are required to put your child’s name on lunch boxes, jackets, and personal items etc. to avoid confusion. At the end of each week of camp, a considerable amount of good clothing, towels, and lunch boxes have accumulated. Unclaimed items will be donated to a charitable organization if not claimed by the end of camp season.

    Food allergies: We must do all we can to provide our campers with a safe environment. In an effort to allow all campers to participate fully in all camp activities, we ask that you do not send in any food for snacks or meals that may contain seafood, peanuts, or peanut oil, but if you do, please label the outside of the container as containing seafood or peanuts. We will reserve  allergy-free areas when campers eat lunch. Children without allergies may sit with friends only if they do not have any items in their lunch that contains seafood, peanuts, or peanut oil.

    Activities/Theme Weeks: Activities include field trips, swimming, arts and crafts, special guests, sports and so much more! Past theme weeks have included:         

    Rock Star                              Aloha Hawaii

    Stars & Stripes                       Wacky Week

    Super Heroes                          Sports Figures

    Trips: All campers will make a tie-dyed T-shirt to wear on all trips during the first weeks of the season. Please be sure your child comes to camp on scheduled trip days with their T-shirts on (T-Shirt must be provided by parent/guardian.  You will be notified by the specific camp when to bring a plain white t-shirt to camp)

    Discovery Camp Field Trips: (these are past trips; 2017 trips will be announced)

    Brunswick Zone

    AMC Neshaminy

    Philadelphia Zoo

    • Transportation is usually included; if not, we will notify everyone well in advance

    Teen Camp Field Trips: (these are past trips; 2017 trips will be announced)

    Brunswick Zone


    Movies and Mall Lunch

    Transportation is usually included; if not, we will notify everyone well in advance

    Field Trip Required Items List

    As trips have not yet been determined, there is no set list of required items, but in past these items have been encouraged for any field trip we’ve enjoyed.

    • Bagged lunch/ money (remember: Lower South holds no responsibility)
    • Water
    • Sunscreen
    • No electronics, except cell phones for emergency purposes
      • Please remember to label everything and put it in a small backpack
    • Appropriate, comfortable clothing
      • Sneakers
      • Socks are required for certain trips. E.g. bowling

     Summer Camp Lunch Policies

    Lower Southampton Township summer recreational camps do not include lunches for campers.

    Campers at the Dolphin Swim Club, which includes Dolphin, Teen, and some CITs, have two lunch options- bag lunch or bought lunch. The snack stand at the swim club, Tide Me Over, opens at 11am and provides a number of fast, easy, and healthy choices. Money for buying lunch can be sent in on a daily basis; we are not responsible for lost lunch money. When opting to bring in lunch, be sure to pack the lunch in a lunchbox clearly marked as your child’s property, keeping in mind that refrigeration is not available. There is no opportunity for purchasing lunch at Ferderbar or Pioneer so lunches must be packed.

    Below is an example of the Dolphin snack stand menu.

    *Menu & prices are subject to change.

    Chicken Fingers (3) w/ choice of sauce $3.00
    Chicken Nuggets (6) $2.00
    Sauce choices: Ranch, BBQ, Honey Mustard
    Chicken Finger Sandwich w/ cheese, lettuce and tomato $3.50
    Hotdog $1.50
          w/ cheese $1.75
    French Fries $2.50
          w/ cheese $3.00
    Crab Fries (French fries seasoned with Old Bay) $2.50
    Nachos w/ cheese –OR- salsa $2.00
          w/ cheese – AND – salsa $2.25
    Mozzarella Sticks (4) $3.50
    Garden Salad (mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, tomato, & choice of dressing) $4.00
    Dressing choices: Ranch, Italian
    *Extra Dressing* $.50
    Pizza Slice $1.50
    Hamburger $3.00
    Cheeseburger $3.50
    Chicken or Tuna Salad on your choice of roll, wrap, or bed of lettuce $4.00
    Grilled, Fried, or Buffalo chicken wrap *includes lettuce tomato cheese onion* $4.00
    Soft Pretzel $.75
          w/ cheese $1.00
    Bag of Chips $.75
    Funnel Cake $2.00
    Ice Cream Novelties $2.50-$3.50
    Slushie $1.50-$3.50
    Water Ice *assorted fresh scooped flavors* $1.00
    Beverages (20 oz bottle; soda, water, non-carbonated choices, sports drink) $1.50
    Candy (assorted) Varies
    1 Hotdog  / chips / 20 oz beverage $3.50
    2 Hamburger / chips / 20 oz beverage $4.75
    3 Cheeseburger / chips / 20 oz beverage $5.25
    4 Chicken Fingers / chips / 20 oz beverage $5.25
    5 Chicken Nuggets / chips / 20 oz beverage $4.50
    6 2 Chicken Fingers & 2 Mozzarella sticks $4.75
      *Every Tuesday – Taco Tuesday* $2.00 Tacos

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

    What does my child do all day?
    Each camp location offers slightly different amenities, but overall the campers’ daily activities are similar from one location to the next.

    summer camp schedule
    The schedule will rotate daily. We also distribute bulletins at the end of every week to keep campers and their parents aware of upcoming events and any announcements.

    What about days with inclement weather?
    All of our camps have access to indoor/covered facilities to keep campers safe and out of rain or extreme heat. On indoor days, we often watch a G-rated movie. We also play indoor activities like board/card games and arts & crafts. Depending on the facility, we may play an indoor sport like soccer, baseketball, dodgeball, freeze tag, etc.

    Do you provide before or after care?
    Unfortunately not. Our earliest drop off is 8am and our latest pickup is 5:15pm. There is a fee charged for late pickups.

    Who is in charge of my child?
    We keep all our camper-to-counselor ratios below 10:1. Depending on the age range, it may be as low as 5:1. A large portion of our counselors are high school upperclassmen or college students. Each camp has a director, who is often a teacher or involved in education. We appoint our most experienced counselors as head counselors, who are in charge of coordinating the junior counselors and keeping the counselors on schedule.

    How are your counselors trained and screened?
    All of our counselors are CPR/AED/First Aid certified. They also complete state police background checks and federal child abuse clearances each year. Before the camp season begins, our counselors attend an orientation that covers mandated reporting, bullying awareness and management, and child safety.

    Do you provide swim lessons?
    No, we do not. To ensure that safe participation in daily, on-site swimming, each camper must pass a swimming test with a certified water-safety instructor during the first week of camp. Please note, our pioneer camp for preschool-age children does not have a pool. Instead, they participate in a weekly water fun day.

    How can I get in contact with a counselor in case of emergency?
    Each camp director has a cell phone that is on their person at all times during camp hours. These phone numbers are distributed at the beginning of the camp season. In addition, we have the central office contact and the Parks and Recreation director.

    What’s a pickup pass?
    Pickup passes are made and distributed by the Parks and Recreation department to ensure your child is being released to an authorized caregiver. We take camper security very seriously and require pickup passes every day, even if the same person picks up every day.

    Are the field trips included in the regular fee?
    Yes, they are! Each camp goes on at least 3 field trips over the course of the summer. On field trip days, we provide transportation from camp to the trip and back again. Due to the young age of our pioneer campers, we do not leave our camp site for any trips.

  • Staff Requirements

    For over 30 years we have been providing an engaging and safe Summer Camp for your children. Our camps provide fun, structured programming to keep kids ages 3+ active all summer long.

    We provide a summer camp where all kids can find activities that they love. We want to have an environment where campers can learn new things, while feeling safe and successful.

    Lower Southampton Township Summer Camp requires the following for ALL staff :
    • Satisfactory Criminal Back Ground Check
    • Current CPR Certification
    • Satisfactory Child Abuse Clearance
    • Federal Criminal History with Fingerprinting. A full set of fingerprints submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
    • Satisfactory Completion of Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Training
    • Satisfactory Employee Orientation with the Lower Southampton Township Parks & Recreation Department and The Lower Southampton Township Police Department
    • Counselors must be at least 15 years old, currently be in high school, and have proven experience working with children
    • Required skills include communication, a positive attitude, motivation, ability to follow instructions, professional appearance and manner, ability to engage children and provide age-appropriate supervision, and ability to work with a diverse team of campers, volunteers, and staff.
    • Life Guards must have all current certifications

  • Information about our new online registration program

    You can now use your Member Name and Password to browse and register for programs offered by Lower Southampton Township.  You will be able to save this information to be used year after year with just a few updates performed by you at your own convenience!   You do NOT need to fill out an additional registration packet if registering online.

    You are now able to add up to two (2) different emails for notifications and updates as well as sign up for Text Alerts.  Do not worry, we will not use your email or phone number for any other reason than to notify you about updates or events for the program you are actively registered in.

    Once you go through the process and you are ready to check out, but want to pay using our payment plan, you MUST CLICK PAY LATER.  Once you click that, within 24 hours (during business hours) you will receive an email with an invoice for our payment plan.

    How to add a family member (camper or additional participant) to your account:

    1. Log into your account using your username and password
    1. Click “Add Household Member”:

    On the Household Member page, you will need to fill out everything IN FULL with all of the information that we will need to care for you or your camper.

    You MUST fill out ALL emergency contact information including phone numbers of where the contact can be reached.  We always suggest a mobile phone number.

    ***If you are the emergency contact, you must put your full name, not the word SELF***

    1. Member Note :

    Please make sure you include any medical / emotional / psychological concern that would be helpful to our staff in caring for you or your child

    *We cannot accommodate all grouping requests as this is based on age of camper at beginning of camp*  PLEASE DO NOT MAKE REQUESTS FOR GROUPS – THIS IS BASED ON AGE AT START OF CAMP.

    ****If you have multiple registrants, please repeat the steps and fill out all of the information for this additional participant or camper****

    *****If your camper has a different last name, please make sure you make that correction as this box does prefill to the Head of Household*****

    Please remember that once you have added your family members to your account, you will never need to do this again.

    Now you are ready to add a Program!  Click “Program” and from here, you can select the category you are interested in.  Click “Register” and from here you can follow all of our prompts.

    Additionally, you will be able to view a complete payment and registration history for everyone in your group and sent up a payment plan.  If you have any questions about how to use this service please contact Natalie at 215.357.7300 ext. 340