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Public Works

The Public Works Department consists of a Director, fifteen Public Works Employees, two Mechanics, Janitor, and Secretary.

The department is responsible for the maintenance of Township streets, signs, traffic signals, school lights, street lights, sanitary sewer lines, pump stations, drainage facilities, buildings, grounds, police and public works fleet of vehicles and equipment.

Road Opening and Sanitary Sewer Connection permits are processed through this department.

If you are experiencing a sewer back up during business hours Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm except holidays please call 215-357-7300 x302.

If your sewer back up is not during business hours please call 215-357-3248 and leave a message with your name, address, phone number, and the reason you are calling.


We respond to every sewer call and immediately check if our main line is running clear.

If the blockage is in the resident’s lateral, they are to be told to call a plumber or drain cleaning service.  The owner is responsible to maintain their sewer lateral from the house to the Township sewer main.  Public Works crews are not to plunge any resident’s lateral.

If a plumber or drain cleaning service clears a resident’s lateral, Public Works crews are to return within a reasonable amount of time and check and/or jet our main line.  This would be the next scheduled work day unless directed otherwise.

If there is any sewage overflow on the ground, or damage to a resident’s home occurs, Public Works crews are to take pictures with a digital camera or cell phone.  The pictures are to be sent to both the Public Works Director and Secretary.

If a resident wishes to submit an insurance claim, they need to be instructed to submit pictures and all contact information to the Public Works Director and Secretary.

Sewer Backup Reports must be completed and handed in as always.

The following are STATE owned ROADS in our township:

Bridgetown Pike
Bristol Road
Brownsville Road
Buck Road (Between Bridgetown Pike & Northampton Township Line)
Bustleton Pike
County Line Road (County Line Road between Trevose Rd & Lukens St. is maintained by the township)
Maple Avenue
Philmont Avenue (Philmont Avenue between Old Street Road & Street Road
is maintained by the township)
Street Road
Trevose Road
W. Bristol Road

Please call PennDOT’s hotline 1-800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623) for pothole repairs or any highway or bridge maintenance concern, snow plowing, dead deer or sign problems.

They will need the county, township, address and nearest intersecting street if possible. If you want to contact PennDOT’s Bucks County Maintenance office in Doylestown direct, the phone number is 215-345-6060.

For Township Roads call the Public Works Department at 215-357-7300 ext. 302, ext. 318 or the receptionist at ext. 301 during regular business hours.

The Public Works Department is responsible for salting and plowing all Township owned roadways and facilities. The salting process starts soon after the snow begins and then the roadways are plowed after an accumulation of 2″. Major roadways are plowed until the snow has stopped, then all roadways are plowed back to the curb and re-salted if needed.

If the storm is Large enough, roadways will be plowed several times. It takes on the average 6-8 hours for the Public Works Department to plow the Township roads after the snow has ended.

Keep in mind when shoveling your driveway that any shoveling done before the roadway is cleared edge to edge may be plowed back when the plow clears the roadway.

Please remove all obstacles from the edge of the roadway (i.e. basketball hoops). These items are not permitted according to the Zoning Code, to be in the public right-of-way. If they are there, they can cause major damage to our trucks and other vehicles might hit them as well.  Another problem is trash and recycle containers. If these are placed in the road, they are going to get hit by the plow.

PLEASE DO NOT PUT TRASH CONTAINERS IN THE STREET AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR and remember to remove your vehicles after 1 hour of continuing snow fall because the Township Snow Ordinance requires this. When shoveling, snow blowing or plowing your driveway, DO NOT put the snow back into the streets. This is against the law to do and it leaves a road hazard for other motorists to try and drive through, leaving you liable if someone gets hurt.

Keep a safe distance from snow plows.
Please remove all vehicles from the street when snow accumulation occurs.
Clean you sidewalk within 12 hours of snow fall.
If you have a fire hydrant on your property please be courteous and remove fallen snow off the hydrant.

Your local Postmaster must approve of the placement of your mailbox. For more information please see here.

What do I do if my mailbox was damaged from a plow truck during a snow event?

First thing is to contact Lower Southampton Township Administration Office via email at within 48 hours after the snow event is over.

Following notification, the Public Works Director will do an inspection of the mailbox to determine if the mailbox came in direct contact with a Township plow truck.  Do not discard the damaged mailbox before an inspection is done.

If it is determined at this time that a Township/Contractor plow truck came in contact with your mailbox causing damage, then reimbursement will be processed.

Reasons that your mailbox would not qualify for reimbursement:

  • Placement or location of the mailbox does not meet the United States Postal Service guidelines (which are posted on this website).
  • Damaged, rusted or rotted post/support arm.
  • Leaning over the curb line into the drive lane.
  • Damaged mailbox was discarded prior to inspection.
  • Damaged from thrown or heavy snow accumulated during a winter event.
  • If it is determined that contact with a Township plow did not occur.

The Township will reimburse $75.00 for the mailbox and $25.00 for the post.