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Guidelines from the County Department of Health for Restaurants and Retail During the Yellow Phase

For Outdoor Seating/Dining Guidelines:

  • Municipalities must approve the plans/seating location first.
  • Reservations should be required, if possible.  This will help manage congestion if dining must be canceled or reduced due to bad weather.
  • Outdoor dining tables will be limited to the ability to social distance.  A maximum group of 25 people under yellow guidance does not apply to independent dining numbers, although table size should be limited to one family unit.
  • Table social distancing should be measured from the backs of the chairs associated with a table to the backs of the chairs at the next closest table.
  • Tents or outdoor temporary structures can be used if the tent flaps are open to the outside air at all times and are approved for use by the municipal code enforcement authority.
  • Bars must remain closed.
  • Porta Potties are not allowed, only inside restrooms may be used.
  • Restrooms should be cleaned and disinfected every hour on all high touch points and counters.
  • No food storage or preparation should be in any walkway that leads to a bathroom.
  • All waiters and waitresses should be masked and gloved (with glove changes at consistent intervals).
  • All condiments should be single serve units.
  • Any questions on serving drinks to outside tables should be directed to the LCB.
  • All menus must be disposable or incorporated into the table or table area (under glass, taped out reach on a wall, etc.).
  • All tables and chairs must be sanitized after every use.
  • Considerations for pedestrian traffic must be evaluated to ensure social distancing

For Outdoor Retail Tent Guidelines:

  • Municipalities must approve the plans/location first.
  • 25 person capacity including employees.
  • Social distancing must be adhered to.
  • All persons including employees must wear masks.
  • All sides of the tents must remain up so air can pass through the tent.
  • Considerations for pedestrian traffic.

Signed by:

David C. Damsker, MD, MPH – Director of Bucks County Health Department