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Message from PECO – Scammers are Targeting PECO Customers – Protect Yourself

Scammers are continuing to aggressively target PECO customers, using sophisticated tactics to pocket quick cash. Scammers have been taking advantage of PECO’s recent system upgrades to manipulate and confuse customers into making immediate payments. Even with our system changes, our termination and shutoff processes have not changed. These scammers are contacting PECO customers and falsely claiming their electric or natural gas service will be disconnected unless payment is made immediately.

The most important thing to remember is to never give out your account or billing information to an unverified person. If you ever receive a suspicious phone call, text message, email, or have an unscheduled visit from someone in-person claiming to be from PECO, do not share your information and call us directly at 800-494-4000.

  • PECO will NEVER DEMAND IMMEDIATE PAYMENT, nor will we ever require one specific form of payment, such as a prepaid card, bitcoin, or third-party digital money transfers.
  • DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION. A real PECO representative will have the account information they need when they call.
    • Keep your banking and financial information safe. You can update your banking information through your MyAccount or make a payment through an approved method at
  • CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT STATUS, BALANCES, PAYMENTS, AND SUPPLIER INFORMATION YOURSELF on your printed bill or log on to your PECO MyAccount or download the PECO mobile app.

For more information on utility scams and what you can do to keep your information safe, visit If you are ever suspicious of someone claiming to be from PECO, call us directly at 800-494-4000.