Notice of Intent to Enter from Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is beginning engineering and environmental studies for the Preliminary Design for the replacement of the overhead bridge located at Milepost 348.25 which carries Buck Road over the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  In order for these studies to be performed, it will be necessary for employees and/or agents of the Commission to enter properties in this vicinity to obtain information required to complete surveys and obtain information for permits and reports.  The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has sent letters notifying property owners in this vicinity that pursuant to Act of May 4, 2006, Number 34, Section 1, P.L. 112 known as the Eminent Domain Code, that in order to conduct surveys, studies, tests, soundings, core borings, and/or appraisals, it will be necessary for employees and/or agents of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to enter their property or properties along, adjacent to, or in the vicinity of the contemplated highway improvements on or after January 16, 2020.

The employees and/or agents of the Commission who may need to enter your property have been cautioned to do their work expeditiously, courteously, and with minimal interruption to the use of the premises.  Also, they have been instructed to minimize disturbance of property and to assure its expeditious restoration.  Cooperation with them in their performance of this necessary work is gratefully appreciated.  Should you have any questions, please contact Walter Wimer at 717-831-7590 or