The 2021 Road Improvement Program begins Wednesday, September 22nd.  Please keep in mind that this schedule is tentative and is subject to change.  Updates will be posted on the Township website.

Wednesday Sept 22nd

mill  Bustleton Pike (between Stump Rd and RR Tracks).

mill Richard Lane (Roberts to dead end)

mill Frederick St (Richard to N. Eastview)

Friday Sept 24th

pave Bustleton Pike

pave Richard Lane

pave Frederick St

mill Henry Ave (Buck to Bridgetown)

mill Hershel Ave (Buck to Bridgetown)

Monday Sept 27th

pave Henry Ave

pave Hershel Ave

mill Rosewood Ave (Forrest to Oak)

mill Elmwood Ave (Brownsville to Forrest)

mill Hazel Ave (2nd to Forrest)

mill 2nd St (Elmwood to F St)

mill Forrest Ave (Elmwood to F St)

mill Woodbine Ave (Forrest to S. Lake Rd)

Tuesday Sept 28th

pave Rosewood Ave

pave Elmwood Ave

pave Hazel Ave

pave 2nd St

pave Forrest Ave

pave Woodbine Ave

Wednesday Sept 29th

mill Fox Hollow Drive (Addington to Norfolk)

Thursday Sept 30th

pave Fox Hollow Drive

mill Valley Stream Circle (Woodbridge to Bridgeview)

Friday Oct 1st 

pave Valley Stream Circle